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Best ever gift for baby, and for baby's parents!, November 15, 2015

By:  espritbonne, November 15, 2015

Verified Purchase


I can't find words to adequately convey how much I love this product and the company that sells it. My grandson adores his Friendly Pacifier pups! His first came as part of a baby shower gift. After seeing how much he loved it, my daughter ordered a 2nd as a backup. For some unknown reason, the 2nd one was different - similar looking, but very poorly made, not at all the same terrific quality as the original. My daughter assumed the company must have changed manufacturers, and wrote a review to that effect. The company saw the review and contacted her to learn more. It turned out to be one of those glitches that occasionally happens to any of us who runs their own company, where a random sub-par product somehow gets through quality control and sent out to a customer. The folks at First Friends felt terrible, and were AMAZING once they learned what happened. They sent a replacement for the inferior product (and even an extra one along with it!) and during the email conversation with the owners, (moms themselves, so they clearly understand the importance of having only the best for your baby) it was readily apparent they are stellar - absolutely top-notch! - with customer service. The product itself is adorable, and perfect for comforting a young baby, as it's easy for even tiny hands to locate when it falls out of baby's mouth. My daughter and her husband were watching the baby-cam the first time it feel out of his mouth when he was asleep, and it was so cute to see him groggily just feel around and locate the soft Friend and pull it back up to his mouth without even actually awakening. Only parents of young babies can appreciate just how priceless THAT is. :-) I just ordered another one for an upcoming baby shower "gift-topper", and will use them as such from now on, knowing now what a priceless gift this is for babies and parents alike.

Your baby will love their new friend.

By:  Laura B on September 3, 2015

Verified Purchase

Excellent product, I have ordered this product three times.  My grandson loves the Friendly Pacifier and they  make great shower gifts.


Five Stars

By:  Vanessa R on June 22, 2015

Verified Purchase – Pink Monkey

Lifesaver, the only way my daughter sleeps


My daughter’s best friend

By:  Leonard on September 13, 2014

Verified Purchase – Horse

I love these, but my daughter would never take the pacifier it came with.  I would use a little rubber band to make an avent pacifier go on it, and we’ve used them for years, she loves them.  If only they would have the Velcro straps on the sides of the head instead of the top and bottom, then I would’ve been able to use any pacifier on it without the straps forcing it sideways before I rigged it with the rubber bands


Easier to separate and clean than other brands.

By:  T.B. Newman on July 30, 2014

Verified Purchase – Puppy

My baby loves this thing -- and it helps keep his pacifier in his mouth while napping.  This way, he doesn’t wake himself up with a missing pacifier.  The best part (over some other brands I have tried) is that you can safely detach the pacifier that comes with it and use the pacifier of your choice.  Or wash the pacifier and the puppy separately from one another.  My seven month old has reflux and throws up a lot.  I like the puppy to go through the washing machine to get really clean and to dishwasher-wash or sterilize the pacifier.  I wouldn’t want to send the pacifier through the clothes washer or send the puppy through the dishwasher.  He has been using it since he was two or three months old.  He’s not a “it has to go with me everywhere” kid, but it sure comes in handy.



By:  Katelyn on March 9, 2014

Verified Purchase – White Lamb

This is my baby girls favorite pacifier and she loves snuggling the lovie.  Their customer service was prompt and excellent as well.  They stand behind their great product


6 mo. old loves her new friends!

By:  Stephanie on January 28, 2014

Verified Purchase – Cow

After seeing the “My First Friends” product at ToysRUs I went in search of the same product, but a different animal.  The cow is so cute, and my 6 mo. old loves her new friends (we ordered 2).  The only reason I didn’t give 5 starts is because I felt the description was vague.  The store product comes with two pacifiers, upon arrival the farm friend only came with one.  But that didn’t matter because we were able to attach the Soothie pacifiers she has been using!