Pacifier Holders

Our pacifier holder has become the preferred snuggly pacifier and plush combination to many moms and babies.  Acting as more than just a pacifier holder,  the First Friend's plush animal is also a soothing blanket for babies with soft, satiny textures and teething knots.  Our medical-grade silicone pacifiers detach for easy sterilizing and the plush blanket can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning.  Afraid of weaning?  Don't be because your little one can keep and cherish her First Friend plush animal blanket long after the pacifier is gone!  Try us and you will see how the First Friend pacifiers will be a lifesaver for both you and your baby!

The First Friends Difference

First Friends Weaning

Weaning Is Easier

Our Animal Paci Holder is a Soothing Blanket that your child will continue to cherish long after their pacifier is gone.

machine washable


Our pacifier detaches for easy sterilizing and cleaning, and the blanket is machine washable. Keeping baby happy and healthy!

Versatile pacifier holder


The First Friends™ Animal Plush Can be Used with Other Pacifiers and Teethers, enabling you to attach your baby's preferred pacifier.

Hear it from a mom:

In this video, a mom explains how, with First Friends, she could use her baby's favorite pacifier, clean both pacifier and blanket separately, and eventually wean off the pacifier but keep the plush blanket for her child.

The First Friends Story

Susan and Laura,  co-founders and childhood first friends!

In 2009, two long-time childhood friends were brought together by happiness and heartache.  Laura was celebrating the birth of her first child and Susan was caring for her hospitalized mother.  At night, when both had time to relax and unwind, the idea of the Friendly Pacifier started to take shape.  At first the idea was just a distraction from the realities of life.  Then a prototype was hand made by Laura's mom and put to use by her child.
This Friendly Pacifier prototype instantly solved the age-old problem of a fussy child in the car seat in the back of the car.  The child could control the pacifier holder and quickly learned to self-soothe while not only riding in the car but at home, in a stroller, or anywhere the child was.  Gone too were the lost pacifiers and many, many episodes of crying and discontentment!
As more and more people commented on the Friendly Pacifier prototype, Susan and Laura decided to work night and day to bring the Friendly Pacifier to all moms and First Friends was launched - a company founded by two moms who were first friends!!
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